Fire Safety - It's Everybody's Responsibility

In a business or organisation, everybody has a responsibility for the prevention of fires from occurring. Whilst health and safety direction needs to start with managers and directors at the top of the organisational hierarchy, it is up to every worker in the company to be aware of the hazards around them, and to follow the information given to them on health & safety courses or training programmes they should have attended.

This will involve being aware of certain issues including the potential sources of ignition, the presence of combustible and flammable material, including keeping this material away from the ignition sources, being aware of the danger of blocked or inaccessible fire exits and escape routes, always adhering to company signing in/signing out policies so that it is known during a role call whether they were on the premises or not, and knowing whose responsibility it is to perform certain duties like fire sweeping during an evacuation.

Being aware of the dangers can help to prevent fires from starting in the first place, which is a much more preferable thing than having to put them out or deal with the aftermath. Even if nobody is injured or killed in the fire, the effect of the flames or smoke damage to buildings, machinery and stock can be sever and cause a major disruption to production for a length of time whilst it is replaced.

Despite prevention, if a fire does occur, workers need to know what to do in terms of tackling the blaze with appropriate fire fighting equipment if it is safe to do so, or know what to do in terms of evacuating themselves and/or others from the premises and assembling in the right place. Making things up as a fire happens is not a good idea as it leads to confusion, panic, and potentially life-threatening delays and things to get missed (e.g. not sweeping to check areas are clear or assisting those who may need help getting out). This is why fire courses and health and safety training is imperative as soon as possible, BEFORE an incident takes place.

As well as bespoke health and safety training programmes, accredited fire safety qualifications such as the NEBOSH Fire Certificate cover topics such as fire risk assessments, relevant legislation and legal requirements, investigation and fire control methods.

For more information on the NEBOSH Fire Certificate, please click here to view the course outline. You can also call us on 0844 800 3295 or send us an online contact form to discuss your fire training requirements with one of our expert health and safety training advisers.

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