Gain the NEBOSH General Certificate for a Career in Health and Safety

For those who are interested in a career in health and safety, whether it be teaching it to others or for one day becoming a health and safety consultant, the NEBOSH General Certificate is one of the best health and safety qualifications to obtain as a basis for going on to further study.

As the name suggests, the NEBOSH General Certificate provides a general overview of health and safety issues in a wide variety of different areas such as transport hazards, electrical safety, fire safety, chemical & biological hazards and describing a company's health and safety policy to name just a few. This broad spectrum of learning areas is what makes the NEBOSH General Certificate such a good qualification to form a foundation for going on to further health and safety study and specialisation.

If you know that you wish to be a health and safety consultant focusing on a particular niche such as fire safety but are unsure as to which one, the NEBOSH General Certificate allows you to gain an insight into what is involved in terms of the health and safety requirements of each one, which may give you more of an idea as to which you would like to take further in your health and safety career.

Looking at so many different areas of health and safety issues means that the NEBOSH General Certificate is quite a lengthy qualification, with two weeks of classroom teaching when done full-time in block training format. This means that although it is a good foundation and there are no formal pre-requisites for taking the course, it should only be taken by those who are serious about a career in health and safety.

For more information about the NEBOSH General Certificate qualification including scheduled dates and locations, please click here to see the course outline and the exam assessment. Alternatively, please call us on 0844 800 3295 or send us an online contact form if you would like to discuss the NEBOSH General Certificate qualification in more detail, to determine whether it is the most appropriate qualification for you and, if not, the alternatives that are available.

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