NEBOSH General Certificate Written Exams

In order to achieve the NEBOSH General Certificate, the two written examinations need to be passed (NGC1 and NGC2), as well as the NGC3 practical element. Only when all of these individual units have been passed will the delegate be awarded the NEBOSH General Certificate qualification.

Like exams in virtually any subject, candidates need to carefully read the question to avoid making the classic mistake of going off at a tangent and not fully addressing the particular question being asked on the examination paper. For many, this will be the first written exams they have had to do since leaving school, and it is all too easy to forget correct examination technique. This can lead to lost marks, as although the information written may be correct, if it does not answer the question on the paper then it will be worth very little. NEBOSH try hard to ensure that questions are unambiguous, ensuring that those taking the exams are clear about what is being asked, but candidates are urged to focus on the exact question, particularly on action verbs such as 'describe', 'outline' etc.

Ultimately, the number one intention of any health and safety training or the achievement of health and safety qualifications is to ensure that those who are about to achieve the qualification do actually possess the knowledge to utilise back in the workplace, rather than just memorising what is needed to pass an exam. The questions in the NEBOSH General Certificate written exams allow students to demonstrate their level of knowledge to the examiners.

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