NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety

Obtaining a NEBOSH General Certificate in occupational health and safety will give you a good overview of health and safety which can be applied to virtually any industry. The NEBOSH General Certificate is one of the most popular and widely held health and safety qualifications in the world, and as such will be recognised and valued by existing and potential employers.

Occupational health and safety is concerned with the welfare of workers and employees. The NEBOSH General Certificate in occupational health and safety is intended to be taken by managers and supervisors, as well as anybody in an organisation who has health and safety responsibilities, as it is their decisions and the policies they put in place which will provide the framework for the organisation's working procedures. The sufficiency of these measures will play a large part in the number of occupational injuries and illness to employees.

The NEBOSH General Certificate is often used as a starting point by many to go on to further study in occupational health and safety matters. The first week of the General Certificate, the NGC1 unit, is also a unit in the NEBOSH Fire Certificate and NEBOSH Construction Certificate courses. This means that those who have already passed the NEBOSH General Certificate (within the last five years) do not need to repeat this unit (often the first week of a course) and can do a conversion course, saving both time and money. The exception to this is the NEBOSH Environmental Certificate, which is a stand-alone one week course.

Due to its broad nature (or 'general' as the name implies) the syllabus of a NEBOSH General Certificate in occupational health and safety covers a wide variety of topics including transport hazards, musculoskeletal, electrical hazards, fire hazards, chemical & biological hazards and physical & psychological hazards. The broad nature of the syllabus, combined with having no pre-requisites or experience needed, is what makes the NEBOSH General Certificate so popular, and suitable for workers in so many occupations and industries. Those who wish to specialise into construction safety or fire safety will often go on to take the NEBOSH Construction Certificate or NEBOSH Fire Certificate.

We currently run our NEBOSH General Certificate courses at venues across the UK at our head office in Nottingham, Warrington in Cheshire, Bradford, and we have two venues offering NEBOSH in London. Our Bexley location caters to those living in East London, while those over towards West London can take the NEBOSH General Certificate course at our venue close to Heathrow Airport.

Unlike some training providers, our health and safety training courses do not have any hidden fees or extras. All of our health and safety open courses include the following in the price:

  • Buffet lunch and refreshments throughout the day
  • Certification costs
  • Exam registration fees for one sitting
  • Free car parking availability
  • Study books to take away and keep (all delegates on our NEBOSH General Certificate courses receive the 552-page NEBOSH General Certificate book "Introduction to Health and Safety at Work" which has a recommended retail price of £44.99)

  • Our course tutors are experienced occupational health and safety consultants with health and safety backgrounds in various industries.

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