NEBOSH General Certificate Element 11 - Fire Safety

Fires are one of the most common, and one of the most preventable, forms of hazard in a place of work. Fires can not only cause death or serious injury to people through burns or smoke inhalation, but they can also cause a great deal of damage to buildings, stock and equipment.

It is therefore vital to do as much as possible to prevent fires from starting, as prevention is much more preferable to dealing with the aftermath. However, the risk of fire can never be totally eliminated, which means that management must have suitable procedures established in the event of fire, as trying to come up with a plan whilst a fire emergency is taking place will lead to confusion, panic and potential loss of life. Workers and employees must also have sufficient fire training and be aware of potential fire hazards in order to reduce the chances of a fire starting in the workplace.

Element 11 of the NEBOSH General Certificate (Fire Safety) covers the following issue/topics:

  • The principles of fire - classification, initiation (see: fire ignition sources) and the spread of.

  • Fire risk assessment, where potential hazards and people who may be at risk are identified, allowing for appropriate controls to be put into place before a fire occurs.

  • Preventing fires from starting and preventing the spread of fire in buildings

  • Appropriate fire alarm systems for a simple workplace, and appropriate equipment to fight a fire

  • Factors which should be taken into consideration for implementing a successful fire evacuation of a workplace, including means of escape, lighting, signage and escape times.

  • A basic understanding of the legal requirements with regards to fire prevention and fire safety

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